For Events and Parties

We cater to outdoor, indoor events and social gatherings of all kinds including parties, weddings, birthdays, corporate events e.t.c. You can trust us to provide the food for the day with our barbecue and other varieties of food on request. Please see the menu and our offerings below.

Contact us on 0906 000 6799 to bring the Black Box Experience to your event. Send an email to [email protected] to request a quote

Catering Menu

Note: prices can fluctuate based on market prices
Mixed Grill Option 11 turkey or chicken, 1 gizzard kebab, 1 grilled chicken sausage served with either potato chips, spicy yam chips/ dodo or sweet potato chips2,500
Mixed Grill Option 21 turkey or chicken, 1 grilled prawn kebab, 1 grilled sausage serving with either of the side stated above3,000
Mixed Grill Option 31 turkey or chicken, 1 lamb kebab, 1 grilled sausage served with either side2,200
Mixed Grill Option 4Spare ribs, 1 gizzard kebab, 1 grilled sausage served with either sides2,100
Mixed Grill Option 51 turkey or chicken, snails in skewers, 1 sausage kebab served with roasted plantain and pepper sauce2,500
Chicken Wings Platter5 wings served with chips2,000
FishFish (middle/ tail) & yam chips/ regular chips & dodo1,900
Jumbo PrawnsJumbo prawns served with chips2,500
Lamb ChopsLamb chops served with chips1,800
Pork chopsPork chops served with chips1,800
Spare ribsSpare ribs served with chips1,800
SteakSteak served with chips2,600
Turkey Combo 1Turkey/ 1 kebab with any of the sides1,900
Turkey Combo 21 turkey, 1 grilled sausage, 1 kebab1,900
Whole FishWhole fish served with chips3,500
Cheese Burger 1,800
Regular Burger 1,300
Grilled Cat fish 1,500
Hotdogs 900
Asun 55,000
Ram (BBQ) 95,000
Waiter 3,000 per waiter
Transportation 10,000

*There is also a 10% service charge per event and all events out of state attracts extra charges for logistics etc.

Reach Out to us for Event Catering

Send us an email at [email protected]
or call 0906 000 6799 or 0807 451 9849

Our Address: Lekki

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